List of Logistics Facility

KIC Kasukabe Distribution Center

Scheduled Completion of February 2021

Location Kasukabe-shi, Saitama Prefecture
Traffic Access Adjacent to National Route 16 and Prefectural Route 321
Approx., 700 m away from Showa Interchange on National Route 4
Approx., 10.5 km away from Iwatsuki Interchange on Tohoku Expressway
Approx., 11.5 km away from Goka Interchange on Ken-O Expressway
Approx., 16.0 km away from Soka Interchange on Tokyo Gaikan Expressway
Approx., 16.5 km away from Misato Interchange on Joban Expressway
Zoning Urbanization Control Area
*Designated development area by City Government with City Planning Act of 34-2
Building Structure Steel Reinforced-Concrete, 4floors
Land Dimensions 9,914.48m² (2,999.13 tsubo)
*Possibility of change due to actual survey
Gross Floor Area 21,165.22m²(6,402.47 tsubo)

KIC Koshigaya Distribution Center

Scheduled Completion of September 2021

Location 371 Osato Koshigaya-shi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Traffic Access Approx., 6.2 km away from Urawa Interchange on Tohoku Expressway
Approx., 1 km away from Obukuro Station Tobu Sky Tree Line
Zoning Semi Industrial Zoning
Building Structure S / 4 floors (Scheduled)
Land Dimensions 5,823.31m² (1,761.55 tsubo)
Gross Floor Area 11,248.90m²(3,402.79 tsubo)

Musashimurayama Distribution Center

Location 2-93 Inadaira Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Traffic Access Approx., 11.4 km away from Ken-O Expressway Hinode Interchange
Approx., 9.0 km away from Chuo Expressway Hachioji Interchange
Zoning Industrial Zoning
Building Structure Steel made 4floors
Land Dimensions 5,768m² (1,751.02 tsubo)
Gross Floor Area 9,207.73m² (2,785.33 tsubo)